Joe Rogan Was Surprisingly Not Here For Gina Carano’s Latest COVID Conspiracy Theory

When it comes to COVID-19 conspiracy theories, Joe Rogan is a name that pops up often. It was a whole thing earlier in the year when Neil Young and David Crosby pulled their catalogs off Spotify because of Rogan spreading misinformation about the vaccines. So it’s pretty notable when Gina Carano stopped by Rogan’s podcast and got shut down while trying to voice her own controversial opinion on the pandemic.

Carano, who famously got fired from The Mandalorian following a series of controversial social media posts, has skewed even further to the right since being let go by Disney. However, Rogan pushed back when the actress said that the COVID-19 lockdowns purposefully affected people’s mental health and addictions by forcing them to stay home. Via Mediaite:

“I find it really hard to believe that they — the people that shut us down, you know, some of the most intelligent people — far more intelligent than I could ever imagine, didn’t know by taking people’s jobs away from them, taking their consistency, taking their livelihoods and saying ‘We’re gonna pay you and keep you home,’ wasn’t gonna affect people’s addictions. Wasn’t gonna affect people’s suicides, purpose, you know, because I’m my best felt — I’m my best self when I’m working,” she said.

“It’s like a responsibility that you just, you just took away their structure,” Carano continued. “So I just really find it hard to believe that this wasn’t on purpose.”

Despite endorsing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for president and praising his hands-off pandemic measures, Rogan did not agree with Carano’s theory that the government intentionally set out to harm people with the lockdowns.

“I don’t think it was on purpose,” Rogan said. “I think you’re dealing with Monday morning quarterbacking. And I think people are looking at it and going ‘How’d they not know this and how’d they not know that.'”

After a back and forth with Carano, Rogan stuck to his guns. ““I don’t think they knew. I think they were in a panic and I think they shut everyone down,” he said. When Carano expressed shock at Rogan’s “positive outlook,” he explained that he tries to remain “objective” and he looks at “the actual facts.” So it’s time to be shocked because this is the guy who fell for a fake news story about Steven Seagal personally helping Russian troops invade Ukraine.

(Via Mediaite)