Bill Burr Thinks Disney Firing Gina Carano From ‘The Mandalorian’ For Her ‘Political Beliefs’ Is ‘F*cking Bizarre’

Gina Carano was fired from a sweet gig on The Mandalorian — or in corporate speak, “Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future” — after sharing a post on social media that implied being a Republican today is like being Jewish during the Holocaust. Ted Cruz came to her defense and she’s already working with Ben Shapiro, seen here listed among other (?) Black conservatives (??), but her character’s Star Wars spin-off series has been scrapped.

Carano’s The Mandalorian co-star Bill Burr thinks her firing was “f*cking bizarre.”

When asked by the Hollywood Reporter whether he believes it was fair that Carano was canned, the comedian replied, “No. I thought it was funny that the liberals proved her point. They just use outrage because they don’t like your politics. As someone who considers himself liberal, it’s disappointing to see the left become how the right used to be when they went after the Dixie Chicks after they criticized George W. Bush. There’s not a lot of people like that — most are just trying not to get in trouble — but there’s this small collection of lunatics — either on the right or the left, at any given moment – that cause hysteria. And now there’s so many [media outlets] that want eyeballs, they make money off advertising, that they give attention to these crazy fringe people.”

Burr continued:

“The whole thing with Gina: You can’t chime in when the shit’s happening, because then you cause static for other people on the [show]. That somebody’s opinion — or their political beliefs — makes people try to destroy their ability to make a living, it’s fucking bizarre to me.”

Burr previously called Carano an “absolute sweetheart” and “super nice f*cking person,” adding that “I’m on that f*cking show. Now, I gotta watch what the f*ck I say.” Only around the “creepy” Star Wars fans, though.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)