Gina Carano Is About To Start Her First Movie Project Since Being Booted From ‘The Mandalorian’

It’s been a good while since Gina Carano tweeted herself out of a steady Disney gig. Back in February, the MMA fighter-turned-actress aired so many controversial opinions on social media that she was fired from The Mandalorian, where she played resident badass Cara Dune. It took a while for her to bounce back, but bounce back she has, even if it means teaming up with another bad tweeter, far-right hothead Ben Shapiro.

As per Deadline, there are now details about Carano’s long-simmering comeback project, and they are this: It’s a Western called Terror on the Prairie, and it’s being produced by the film wing of the Shapiro-run site The Daily Wire. (Their maiden cinematic voyage was last year’s Run Hide Fight, which of course was a thriller inspired by the Columbine gun massacre.) The movie will begin filming this week.

Along for the ride will be yet another bad Twitter celebrity: Nick Searcy, rightly beloved for his work on Justified but who is also an outspoken conservative with lots of opinions. The movie will be helmed by Michael Polish, the indie auteur who once made a modest splash with the drama Twin Falls Idaho, made with his own twin brother Mark, but who went on to make a religious movie starring Hayden Christensen (90 Minutes in Heaven) and a thriller starring both Emile Hirsch and Mel Gibson. In other words, it’s august company all around.

(Via Deadline)