John Oliver Couldn’t Resist Taking A Swing At Leo DiCaprio’s Infamous ‘May To December Love Life’ On ‘Last Week Tonight’

John Oliver slipped in a crack at Leonardo DiCaprio‘s love life, and more pointedly, everyone’s jokes about his rumored displeasure at dating anyone over the age of 25. The joke came shortly after the 8:00 minute mark during a lengthy Last Week Tonight segment on Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro and his country’s refusal to reduce greenhouse emissions. In fact, they actually went up during the pandemic. Oliver also took on Bolsonaro’s lack of concern for the rainforest.

As Oliver noted, Bolsonaro has been decrying any environmental concerns about Brazil as nothing more than a plot to seize the country’s jungles. The controversial president has gone so far with his conspiracy theories that he “directly accused Leonardo DiCaprio of funding arson in the Amazon.” Oliver joked that that Bolsonaro’s claim is “absurd” because the actor is way too busy living a spectacularly lavish love life with a very strict age limit.

Via Deadline:

“Where would Leo find the time to do that between his busy film schedule, his daily yacht f*** and having a big laugh at every tweet about his May to December love life, ‘Oh man, the Internet got me again,’ Leo shouts to the richest people on the planet over a bottle of wine that costs more than your rent,” Oliver said.

While Oliver’s burn was mostly directed at DiCaprio, he definitely got in a nice jab at the internet, which had an absolute field day after the actor broke up with model Camila Morrone right after her 25th birthday. Granted, Leo’s probably not sweating what the internet thinks, but he has notably started up a relationship with Gigi Hadid who is the surprisingly elderly age of 27. Leo can change!

(Via Deadline)