Leonardo DiCaprio Is Now Reportedly Dating A Much Older (For Him) Woman, 27-Year-Old Gigi Hadid, And People Have Jokes

In late August, the world learned that Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone, his model/actress girlfriend of more than four years, had called it quits. But rather than lament the end of yet another one of the serial monogamist’s long-term relationships, people started to notice an odd trend: DiCaprio, who is pushing 48, seems to regularly tire of his significant others once they hit the big 25 and can legally rent a car.

DiCaprio clearly heard all the jokes about his Menudo-esque girlfriend rotation (including Dionne Warwick’s), and is here to tell you you’re wrong. And he’s willing to prove it. How? By dating an older woman… well, older for Leo at least. As Page Six reports, DiCaprio has been seen getting cozy with supermodel Gigi Hadid, who is practically a grandma at 27. (Perhaps he didn’t realize that Gigi’s sister and fellow supermodel Bella Hadid is two years younger?)

According to an insider, the couple is reportedly “taking it slow,” which is probably a good idea given Hadid’s advanced age. While DiCaprio might see it as a way to show that he’s no ageist when it comes to love, most of the rest of the world is laughing even harder now.

(Yes, searches for Gigi’s age really did skyrocket when word leaked that she and Leo might be a burgeoning item.)

Still, old habits die hard — at least for some social media editors:

Also worth noting: Gigi’s mom, former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Hadid is just 58 years old — making her just 10 years older than Leo versus Gigi and the actor’s 21-year age gap.

(Via Page Six)