The Johnny Depp V. Amber Heard U.S. Trial Will Be The Subject Of A (Second) Documentary On The Former Couple’s Legal War

There’s plenty to question about the U.S. Depp v. Heard trial airing on Court TV as it happened. The six-week production showcased what one expert (divisively) described as “mutual abuse” and, although this was a defamation trial, the testimony frequently dove into harrowing descriptions of said alleged abuse. However, the trial also devolved into tales of “human fecal matter” and peeing in hallways (accusations flung by both sides), along with testimony about death threats and wild money demands.

It’s safe to say that this was a chaotic yet triggering mess that, in execution, landed as something that SNL scathingly skewered as being “for fun.” And as if that wasn’t enough (and before a jury verdict even landed, given that Depp’s suing for $50 million, and Heard’s countersuing for $100 million), there will also be a documentary. This is the second such project with the first landing after Depp’s 2020 U.K.-based libel trial against The Sun, which ended with that court shutting down Depp’s claim and ruling that a tabloid’s “wife beater” claim about him was “substantially true.”

Via Variety, this project will come from Warner Bros. Discovery U.K., which produced the first documentary and has this planned for Number Two:

[T]he follow up will be focused on the recent and very high-profile legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, this time in the U.S. The two-part Discovery+ documentary will again look at the extensive evidence and testimony of both Depp and Heard. Each episode will present one side of the argument through legal teams, friends, family and key witnesses.

No word yet on whether any drama related to James Franco or Elon Musk challenging Depp to a “cage fight” will be involved. The good news, though, is that we haven’t heard news of a third trial happening. Humanity has been through enough already.

(Via Variety)