The Royal Family Appears To Be Very Worried That ‘The Crown’ Season 5 Will Make King Charles Look Like A Huge Jerk

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II putting the Royal Family in the spotlight as it handles King Charles III‘s ascension (and the continued drama between his estranged son and daughter in law, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle), Buckingham Palace is reportedly freaking out about the upcoming season of The Crown. According to sources, Charles’ rise to the throne has not been smooth thanks to his frequent frustration with writing utensils, and the last thing the new king needs is a Netflix series dredging up his tabloid divorce from Princess Diana, and her subsequent death, of course.

The Crown Season 5 will reportedly focus on the ’90s and star Dominic West as Charles as he continues his mistreatment of Diana, who will be played by Elizabeth Debicki, who is an absolute dead ringer for the late Princess of Wales. Again, the timing is not great for the Royal Family following the Queen’s death, but the cat’s been out of the bag on this one for a long time now. Via The Cut:

Considering Charles’s affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles and Diana’s torturous time in the palace has been well documented, they’re about three decades too late, but sure. One source apparently stressed that the show is “a drama, not a documentary,” and another insider accused Netflix of having “no qualms about mangling people’s reputations.” Apparently, “the timing could not be worse,” considering England seems to have actually warmed to the king since he stepped into his role.

The fifth season of The Crown will also feature Imelda Stanton as Queen Elizabeth II, which has caused the Royal Family to demand yet another content warning for the Netflix series. This time, on the grounds that it’s “exploitative” following her majesty’s death.

(Via The Cut)