Dr. Oz, Long Accused Of Being A Carpetbagger, Seemed To Call Pennsylvania A Coastal State (Maybe Someone Should Tell Him It’s Not)

For months, Dr. Oz has been relentlessly and creatively dragged by his opponent for Pennsylvania’s vacating Senate seat, John Fetterman. Fetterman has accused Oz of being Dr. Nick from The Simpsons. He dragged him over that “Wegner’s”/crudité debacle. When Oz’s team made light of the stroke he had in May, Fetterman slammed him for that, too. But perhaps his most frequent Oz line is about his decision to run for a state that he only moved to in the last couple years. He’s a Jersey boy, Fetterman has said, a carpetbagger. On a recent Fox News appearance, Oz did himself no favors in that department.

“Pennsylvania’s too important,” he said. “We do not have a Republican senator north of North Carolina on the Atlantic coast, until you get to Maine, if I don’t hold this seat.”

Problem is: Pennsylvania is not a coastal state. Now you could say Oz simply misspoke. You could argue Keystone state is coastal state-adjacent and one could argue it’s close enough to the Atlantic Ocean to be considered close enough. You could also — if you wanted to play dumb — say he technically never said Pennsylvania was on the coast. Which it’s not.

You could also argue Oz does not know a whole about the state he’s hoping to represent. That’s the position many people took when they came for Oz’s strange argument.



The midterm elections aren’t until next week, and while polls have long had Fetterman ahead of Oz, it’s still close — close enough that Donald Trump is already planning on sowing chaos over the results (if Oz loses, of course). But hey, at least those fundraising emails currently clogging up your inbox will dramatically drop.