Larry David May Support Cheryl Hines, But He Doesn’t Support Her Right-Leaning Anti-Vax Husband’s Candidacy

It’s almost like an episode — nay, an entire season — of Curb Your Enthusiasm: Larry David’s longtime co-star and former on-screen spouse is married to an anti-vax presidential candidate. (Who frequently chats with Breitbart goons.) A new profile by The New York Times tries — and sort of fails — to get Cheryl Hines to open about her controversial husband (whom even she’s attacked, once), Robert F. Kennedy Jr., aiming for the Democratic ticket in 2024. But one thing’s clear: Larry David doesn’t seem happy about it.

In the piece, Hines discusses how her husband’s candidacy has impacted her career. She claims she hasn’t lost work over it, though she admits she feels wary in social circles that her friends will give her hell — and happy that so far they haven’t. “I feel a lot of support and love from most of her friends, including Larry,” she said.

David, though, was a bit more clear in a text to NYT reporter Caitlin Moscatello, writing, “Yes love and support, but I’m not ‘supporting’ him.” (David is famously and vocally anti-MAGA, even once trashing Trump bud Alan Dershowitz in public on Martha’s Vineyard.)

Thing is, Hynes and Kennedy are together partly because of him. Despite their differences — and David’s current distaste for his candidacy — he and Kennedy are longtime friends. David introduced Hynes to him during a ski-weekend fundraiser in 2006, even inviting her to hit the slopes with him.

That said, Hynes noted that David wasn’t actually trying to get them together romantically. She even joked that he said her their union was a bad idea, though when discussing their marriage, she said, “Poor Larry,” while “looking up at the ceiling.”

So what will happen if Cheryl Hines becomes First Lady? Kennedy is a long shot candidate, whose fringe opinions and conspiracy theory-heavy books about vaccines and such may not get him very far with today’s ostentatiously sane Democratic party.

In the piece, Hines, known for her philanthropic work (and social media posts of her wearing masks at the height of the pandemic), is mostly cagey about which issues her and her husband don’t agree. But whatever kooky ideas her husband has, even he’s smart enough to know she won’t tolerate him talking to Steve Bannon. Perhaps some of this will even wind up in a future season of Curb.

(Via NYT)