Get Pumped Because Season 12 Of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Just Started Filming

Since Larry David thinks that every season of Curb Your Enthusiasm is going to be its last, consider this the beginning of the end. Until the next season. The whole team has officially started filming another roller coaster ride of awkward social situations and good deli meats.

Despite not following through on killing Larry off in its 11th season, the timeless sitcom will have another shot at murdering him as it films its 12th. JB Smoove took to Instagram to tell fans about his upcoming Physical Therapy Tour with David, Susie Essman, and Jeff Garlin hanging out in the background. Fortunately, everyone was very supportive of his efforts, and there was nothing but positivity!

“I’m currently on set acting a fool with the incredible cast of @CurbYourEnthusiasm as we film season 12!!!” Smoove grammed.

It’s like they’re trying to beat Jonah Hill’s Wolf of Wall Street record on F-bombs over here. Friendship! It’s obviously the glue that keeps this show together. This right here is the perfect amuse bouche for a season of delightful depravity where absolute legends are at the top of their game. This season — which will be the show’s last unless it isn’t — is due some time in 2023 over on HBO.