Lauren Boebert Walked Right Into A Joke Minefield By Seconding Betsy DeVos’ Call To Abolish The Education Department

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert makes no secret of how she didn’t graduate high school and holds a GED (which she secured less than a year before her House election). That actually wouldn’t be a deterrent to being a U.S. lawmaker, if Boebert had decided to study up on civics, but she regularly reminds people of how she doesn’t do that. She’s not too familiar with the U.S. Constitution other than the Bill of Rights, specifically the Second Amendment because (obviously) she loves her guns. She’s also demonstrated confusion about the branches of government (as outlined by the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause) and why they should not overlap, so it’s not too surprising that really sees no need for an Education Department.

Boebert also believes that church and state should not be separated, which is something she recently made clear while declaring, “The church is supposed to direct the government.” There’s no telling what point that Boebert was actually arguing, but when Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVos stepped up over the weekend to proclaim that the Education Department “should not exist,” Boebert seemed to elbow her way to the front of the line while claiming that she’s already had that idea.

In fact, Boebert tweeted, “I signed onto legislation with @RepThomasMassie saying exactly that! We need to get this done.”

Let’s just say that Boebert made this one too easy. People couldn’t resist offering up a buffet of jokes.

There’s a darn good chance that Boebert will stay in office, regardless of her distaste for education. She won her Colorado primary and is now looking forward to sticking around after the November election.