Lauren Boebert Is Being Schooled After Accidentally Proving That She Doesn’t Understand The U.S. Constitution

Rep. Lauren Boebert can’t stop herself from rootin’ and tootin’ all over the place. She’s got plenty of enthusiasm on her side, but unfortunately, the U.S. lawmaker hasn’t studied too hard on the area where she’s supposed to be an expert: the U.S. Constitution.

Granted, Boebert has received an earful on related subjects several times, including when she received a lesson about the American Revolution after complaining about voting rights. She’s also been roasted after confusing John and Samuel Adams, but her latest slip-up is very perplexing. Boebert is a noted (and proud) gun enthusiast (her family Christmas photo was full of them), but she doesn’t seem to recognize that the 2nd Amendment (her all-important right “to keep and bear arms”!) only exists because the U.S. Constitution isn’t set in stone.

Boebert doesn’t get it it. “The Constitution is not evolving,” she declared on Twitter. “To say that spits in the face of every single one of our founders.”

Let’s just say that people piled in with ready responses, given that Boebert doesn’t appear to believe that understanding U.S. civics is part of her gig. As many pointed out, 27 amendments (and counting) currently exist for the U.S. Constitution. That includes many rights important to Boebert, including free speech and religion and all the gun stuff and voting rights for women and you name it. Also, the Fifth Amendment, which is coming in handy for the alleged insurrection organizers.

Yep, Boebert doesn’t realize it, but she pretty much called to abolish the 2nd Amendment. What a Wild Wild West we’re living in these days.