Rootin Tootin’ Lauren Boebert’s Apparent Confusion Over The Branches Of Government Is Being Scorched

Outspoken Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) really should take a Twitter vacation because she can’t stop striking out. This week, she got buried in an avalanche of scorn after a particularly hysterical tweet about the U.S.-Mexico border situation. Without even taking a breather, she’s back, following last week’s disastrous toilet joke and declaration that it’s all God’s fault that she’s a sitting member of Congress. That follows her recent praise of the Taliban and botching of a John Adams quote because maybe she was thinking of beer? Who knows.

First, it’s worth noting that Boebert did not graduate high school and has spoken about passing the GED exam. There’s no shade here against anyone who has taken the GED, but it appears that Boebert memorized what she needed to know and promptly forgot it. She’s very much a Sarah Palin-lite-styled politician, often making incendiary statements that almost feel like parody. Boebert’s latest statement runs in line with how she threw a mask at a House staffer and raged against Nancy Pelosi’s “totalitarian” Covid mandates. The execution of the latest tweet, too, drew raised eyebrows.

“There are three branches in our government,” Boebert declared. “The CDC is not one of them.”

Well, a lot of people soon stepped up to point out that the CDC is a part of the executive branch. They also challenged Boebert to name all three branches, including legislative and judicial, but that hasn’t happened yet.

She simply can’t help but own herself on a daily basis. Until next time!