Lauren Boebert’s Triumphant ‘Taking Back What Is Ours’ Tweet About Elon Musk Has People Asking What The Heck She Means

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert’s one of the best at demonstrating her lack of in-depth history knowledge. On the global side of things, she recently fired off a doozy of a Russia-Ukraine tweet, and before that, she let everyone know that she’s not up to speed on the American Revolution (but she does love Sam Adams). With her edging into stock-market talk, things were bound to get messy as well.

Boebert’s already celebrated how Elon Musk nabbed a 9.2% stake in Twitter, and she believes that this will be a major free-speech victory and bring Donald Trump back to the platform. Twitter has clarified that Elon will be on the board of directors, but he’s capped at less than 15% stake ownership in the future. Maybe this means that Elon will push an edit button, but Boebert seems to believe there’s a lot coming for the MAGA crowd, courtesy of Elon Musk.

“.@ElonMusk being named to Twitter’s Board of Directors is just the start,” she tweeted. “2022 is the year that we take back our country. The tide is turning. The Left took it way too far and common sense people who love this country are taking back what is ours.”

The “taking back what is ours” is a curious touch. And that’s led people to ask for answers, and particularly for Boebert to clarify exactly what she feels that she’s lost and what she means to “take back,” considering that she’s stood so firmly against the rights of marginalized communities, including voting rights. One user even quipped, “I genuinely had no idea that you were indigenous American.” The deluge has begun.

In addition, people are still pointing out to Boebert that a 9% stake, board of directors or not, doesn’t meant that Musk would rule the other 91%, too.

As well, Musk has stayed strangely quiet while Boebert tweets. Granted, he’s a busy dude and has new, Twitter-related responsibilities, but he generally finds plenty of time to tweet. In other words, he could easily declare whether he supports or disagrees with what Boebert’s “invoking” about him, but yeah, he’s not doing that at all.