Rootin’ Tootin’ Lauren Boebert Confused Samuel Adams With John Adams, And People Had A Field Day

A lot of people are good at Twitter. Rifle-Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is not one of them. This week, she’s been called out for her praise of the Taliban, and that’s in addition to how she got roasted for a silly Siri question and dragged for a pronoun discussion, in which she attempted to be clever by shading trans rights. And Lauren Boebert has messed up again on Twitter, this time by attributing a quote from John Adams (the 2nd president of the United States) to Samuel Adams (also a founding father, but who’s arguably better known as the namesake of a beloved brewery).

Rootin’ tootin’ Boebert does run a bar and grill, and perhaps that’s why, when she spoke of being a “patriot,” that’s why her mind moved toward beer instead? Who knows. It’s probably best to not try and make sense of why she wrote this (in a now deleted tweet-image): “For true patriots, to be silent, is dangerous” while adding, “Always let your voice be heard, patriots.”

Naturally, the tweet is gone now, although it remained in view for hours, and screenshots exist for posterity. Boebert famously acquired a GED and hasn’t attended college, so she’s probably not a history buff, but still, she’s an elected official and a lawmaker. So of course, people ran with her error.