Lauren Boebert Thinks That She’ll Be Speaker Of The House One Day, And She’s Being Dragged For It

There’s a freshman crew of Republicans trying to make their mark on Capitol Hill by sparking insurrections and spreading insane conspiracy theories and throwing temper tantrums over metal detectors, but Representative Lauren Boebert is really trying to separate herself from the rest of the pack. In fact, she’s so confident in her ability to lead that she’s making some bold predictions when it comes to her future in Congress.

Boebert, who’s spent this year riling her fanbase, tweeting her support of the Jan. 6th mob, and voting against reauthorizing a national bone marrow donor registry, is now setting her sights higher. In an on-air interview with Newsmax host Benny Johnson, Boebert confidently stated her intention to one day become Speaker of the House — the third most powerful position in U.S. government. And look, we’re all for having goals, but it seems like the only thing that the representative from Colorado cares about is getting rid of the metal detectors on Capitol Hill, so she can tote her firearms into the people’s house.

After Johnson quizzed Boebert on her concealed-carry status like he was the Perez Hilton of a 2nd Amendment gossip blog, Boebert revealed she was open-carrying in her own office and served as her own security while on Capitol Hill.

“I am in my office so I don’t have to conceal anything in here,” she joked, earning a strangely enthusiastic “Yes!” from a giggling Johnson. “In the Congressional complex, I am my own security all throughout the complex until I get into Pelosi’s house — it’s certainly not the people’s house — right there in the House chambers where we have to go through the metal detectors.”

Boebert was referring to the newly installed equipment meant to keep representatives safe following the terrifying attacks on Jan. 6th, an insurrection that Boebert encouraged on social media. Those metal detectors have really triggered Boebert and a handful of other Republicans on Capitol Hill, which might be why the Congresswoman seems so focused on them, even as she later told Johnson of her plan to one day be House Speaker.

“Maybe one day when I’m Speaker of the House my first action will be to take those metal detectors and use them for target practice,” she said before Johnson broke out in a fit of maniacal laughter.

Of course, Twitter had plenty to say about Boebert’s 30-year plan for herself. Fellow Republican Matt Gaetz, who’s currently under investigation for sex trafficking crimes, threw his support behind Boebert:

But that glowing endorsement was offset by Boebert’s social media critics, who just wanted to help her define that thin line between ambition and delusion.

Keep dreaming, Boebert.