Marjorie Taylor Greene And Lauren Boebert Were The Lone Votes Against A Marrow Donor Program, And People Are Outraged

Marjorie Taylor Greene and fellow Republican House member Lauren Boebert are making headlines (again), this time for voting against a bill that has enormous bipartisan support in both the House and Senate.

Greene, who’s still waiting for Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to answer her debate challenge, and Boebert both rejected a bill that would reauthorize the National Marrow Donor Program. Under The Transplant Act, the program would continue to receive funding for vital research necessary to save the lives of those living with rare and often fatal blood diseases. The program has been around for decades, and it manages a system that matches donors to those needing life-saving blood transplants and marrow donations.

Which sounds like a really great service that could save thousands of lives and should be supported by our representatives in Congress whose job is to serve the public, right? But somehow, Greene and Boebert have found a way to tie the program to that most beloved of all far-right talking points: the pro-life debate.

Greene’s spokesman, Nick Dyer, had this to say about the Congresswoman’s decision:

“Nothing in this bill prevents the funding of aborted fetal tissue by taxpayers. It opens the door for the NIH to use this bill to research the remains of babies who were murdered in the womb.”

We could wade into this exhausting argument about whether life begins at conception or not and debunk all the myths surrounding late-term abortions — which is undoubtedly what Greene wants us to do — but instead, we’ll just point toward the fact that abortion is legal, what a woman does with her body is her choice, and that programs proven to save lives should be prioritized over conspiracy-mongering.

Oh, and we’ll also round up some really sharp Twitter commentary on the subject: