A Newly Elected GOP Congresswoman’s Bizarre ‘I Will Carry My Glock’ Video Is Not Going Over Too Well

The Georgia Senate runoff (and one bizarre speech from the Trump rally) is in the forefront on this Tuesday, but in the background, rifle-toting Republican Lauren Boebert (representing Colorado) is already doing her thing on Capitol Hill. Or at least, that’s what she’s claiming to do in her bizarre new political add, in which she declares, “I WILL carry my Glock to Congress.” Surprise? Well, Boebert’s already a controversial figure in her home state, in which she owns a diner called Shooters Grill (actually located in Rifle, Colorado) and has been accused of providing a firearm to a minor staff member. She’s also got nearly a handful of arrests under her belt, according to the Denver Post.

Here’s the ad with Boebert strutting through D.C. while bragging that she’ll always support Second Amendment rights and protect her own family. She then stresses how, “[A]s a five-foot-tall, 100-pound woman I choose to protect myself legally, because I am my best security.” And Boebert even vows to arm herself in the halls of Congress.

It’s a wild ad, alright. Disgraced former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens (who famously showcased gunfire and not much else in an ad) would have been proud, but of course, one cannot expect D.C. police to be thrilled about Boebert’s slippery-slope spectacle. NBC Washington reports that Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Contee planned to have a chat with Boeber and isn’t impressed by her bragging. “That congresswoman, whoever it is, I guess it was from Colorado,” Contee declared. “[W]ill be subjected to the same penalties as anyone else that’s caught on the District of Columbia streets that’s carrying a firearm.”

Oh, but there’s a twist here. The Washington Post received word from a Boebert spokesperson, who has clarified that “she was not carrying the gun throughout the video shoot, despite the opening scene.” Basically, she doesn’t want to get arrested (again), and that could happen because a concealed-carry license from Colorado would not fly with D.C.’s gun laws, “and nonresidents must register firearms with D.C. police.”

Let’s just say that Boebert’s being roundly mocked by Twitter, including the label of “value village discount rack sarah palin.” Ouch.


2021’s shaping up to be a strange year already.

(Via NBC Washington & Washington Post)