Republican Lawmakers Are Throwing Hissy Fits About The Capitol’s New Metal Detectors

Last week an army of whipped-up Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, armed with guns and even zip ties (and, on a lighter note, horns), hell-bent on overturning the 2020 election. It didn’t work, and six people died. But some lawmakers, all Republican, are not happy with the modest safety procedures put in place in the wake of the violent insurrection. In fact, they’re throwing epic hissy fits.

As per NBC News, at least six representatives were either seen not complying with the police at checkpoints outside the House or simply complained. They are: Louie Gohmert, of Texas; Steve Stivers, of Ohio; Van Taylor, of Texas; Debbie Lesko, of Arizona, Larry Bucshon, of Indiana, and Lauren Boebert, of Colorado.

While Gohmert gained attention a few weeks back for losing a tooth mid-press conference speech, it’s Boebert who’s the most notorious of the group. Only sworn in last week, she’s made a name for herself by swearing that she wanted to carry a weapon on Capitol Hill. She also made the waves among the metal detector-hating scrum, actually getting into a stand-off with the officers who demanded she forfeit her bag after it set off alarms, as per CNN correspondent Ryan Nobles.

Meanwhile, Lesko simply took to Twitter, railing against what she called “Pelosi’s communist America.”

She then got raked over the coals.

And so it was that the party of Blue Lives Matter made the lives of the police even more difficult than it is.

(Via NBC News)