Even Channing Tatum Can’t Handle Lenny Kravitz’s Ripped Abs: ‘Good God Man! It’s Not Natural’

Channing Tatum might be dating Zoe Kravitz, but he’s all up in noted Scarf King Lenny Kravitz’s Instagram over a certain shredded photo. Yep, Channing and Zoe reportedly went public with their relationship on Met Gala night, and it seems that Channing is pretty fond of her dad, too. And who could blame him?

This a good time to remind everyone that one of the only good things that has happened during the pandemic is that Lenny Kravitz invited Men’s Health into his private compound in the Bahamas, where he showed off his workout moves in a way that no one else could have gotten away with doing without being called inauthentic. Lenny’s effortlessly cool, though, so seeing him use a tree trunk as a weight bench actually worked.

Lenny was ripped then, and he’s ripped now and will always be ripped, so that’s why (I guess?) he decided to make coffee with his shirt wide open (as one does). Then he generously treated everyone to the visual on Instagram.

“2:37pm. Good morning,” read the caption. “All nighter in the studio last night. 3 albums on the horizon. Going back in. Love.”

Y’all, Lenny Kravitz is 57 years old, and he looks mind-bogglingly like a chiseled statue. Everyone noticed. The Rock stepped up with a “My brotha. Inspiring. #ohana.” And Channing wrote, “Good god man! What are you eating or what’s in the water or the genes. It’s not natural. Do you just do abs like all day?”

To that, Lenny responded, “@channingtatum Dude, I’m just trying to get in the next Magic Mike. Any connections?”

Make it happen: Magic Mike XXL, The Last Dance: Let Love Rule.