Letitia James Wants Trump And Team Sanctioned For Wasting Her Time With Rehashed Failed Legal Arguments

Donald Trump has so many legal headaches it can be tough to remember which is which. You might even forget one of them. For instance, remember the lawsuit brought upon the Trump Organization by New York Attorney General Letitia James? It was announced last September, with a trial set for this October, and it’s not to be confused with the New York case that got him indicted the first time. But before that gets underway, though, James has done something that should remind the public about her case.

As per NBC News, James has asked the state supreme court to sanction Trump, his two oldest sons, others connected to the former president’s business, and their lawyers. Why? Because they keep raising, as per James’ filing, “previously-rejected arguments” in their motions.

The filing mentions five separate instances where Trump’s lawyers have offered reheated arguments that have already been shot down. These arguments, James’ office says, were “borderline frivolous even the first time defendants made them.” They also argue that a “sophisticated defense counsel should have known better” than to do that.

James’ office is asking for a total of $20,000.

For the case itself, James is seeking $250 million in penalties over Trump and team’s alleged efforts to inflate Trump’s personal net worth in order to attracted better loan agreements. She alleges that over a 10-year period they engaged in more than 200 instances of fraud.

On top of that, there are those four indictments. And Trump’s beloved Twitter clone is also in trouble. The poor guy sure could use a break. Alas, he wasted what could have been a relaxing Labor Day weekend by being angry on social media.

(Via NBC News)