Fox News Cut Away From Letitia James Announcing She Was Suing Trump, His Business, And His Adult Kids (Not Tiffany, Of Course) Real, Real Fast

The fun never stops for Donald Trump, and on Wednesday his towering pile of problems got even taller. Amidst the ongoing Justice Department investigation into his absconding with highly classified government documents, the former president was also hit with this: he’s getting sued by the New York State attorney general’s office. It was huge news, but one network did their best to give it the bare minimum of coverage.

Letitia James, whose investigation into the Trump Organization was launched in 2020, held a press conference in the late morning, revealing her office was launching a massive fraud lawsuit against not only Trump and his business, but also his adult children. (Not Tiffany, of course.) To its (slight) credit, Fox News at least began to air the press conference. But it didn’t take long for them to cut the hell out of there.

Anchor Harris Faulkner was quick to jump in, with James only just getting into specifics. What’s more, she did her best to undermine it. “Some of this is really inside baseball unless it’s your tax dollars in New York,” Faulkner told viewers. “And some may even accuse it of being political because we’re 48 days before the midterm elections.” She then added, without explanation: “And both presidents, the current and the past, are certainly being looked at to help candidates out.”

Faulker promised her network was “certainly going to cover” the lawsuit as it evolves, but after a mere 40 seconds of discussing it she said, “Let’s move on.” And so they did. By contrast, CNN and MSNBC not only carried the full 35-minute conference, but made the lawsuit their day’s top story.

As for Trump, he put his attention elsewhere: on amplifying — but not condemning — Vladimir Putin’s threat to launch nuclear weapons.

(Via The Daily Beast)