Lindsey Graham Is Being Dragged For Whining About Biden’s ‘Brazen Politicization’ Of The Very Political Jan 6 Insurrection

Donald Trump already made his incredibly angry thoughts known about how President Joe Biden marked the one-year anniversary of the January 6 attack with a fiery speech. In this address, Biden accurately stated that an insurrectionist siege (in which MAGA diehards rioted because they wanted the Senate to refuse to certify Biden’s 2020 election win) on the U.S. Capitol included violent attacks on cops and people “literally defecating in the hallways,” arguably at the behest of “a defeated former president.”

Multiple far-right congresspeople marked January 6 by insisting that they are “ashamed of nothing” regarding the siege, and Lindsey Graham is apparently hopping on a nearby train. In a whiny tweet, Graham complained that Biden was committing a “brazen politicization of January 6.” He added, “I wonder if the Taliban who now rule Afghanistan with al-Qaeda elements present, contrary to President Biden’s beliefs, are allowing this speech to be carried?”

Oh boy. Multiple deaths transpired as a result of the failed MAGA coup, which Trump reportedly loved so much that he rewound the footage so that he could watch it twice. Yet Graham seems to be falling back into lockstep with Trump, who accused Democrats of “lies and polarizations.” And yes, that’s very strange, considering that Trump instructed his MAGA crowd to “fight like hell” during his “Stop the Steal” rally. As CNN is pointing out, “Words fail” to express how bizarre it is for Graham to suggest that the insurrection itself wasn’t political, and Jake Tapper hit the Twitter button to point out that Graham also reportedly asked the Georgia secretary of state to “try to throw away ballots.”

On that same note, people can’t believe that Graham seems to believe that the far-right’s failed coup, which meant to overthrow democracy, somehow was not political.

Finally, lookie here. Famed Trump MAGA fans want Graham to “stay away from President Trump.” They added, “Lindsey Graham is nothing but a snake in the grass!”