Machine Gun Kelly Reportedly Went ‘Apesh*t’ On All American Rejects Singer Tyson Ritter Over Megan Fox

Today, in the category “Bizarre Celebrity Beefs We Didn’t Know We Needed,” comes the news that Machine Gun Kelly is reportedly feuding with All American Rejects frontman, Tyson Ritter.

Now, the knee-jerk response might be to shout, “Who cares?!” at your screen before scrolling over to Twitter to see why Dawson’s Creek actor James Van Der Beek is trending. (if you do find out, we’d really like to know.) But wait, before you go, let us make the case for getting invested in this tiny squabble between two boy band rockers who insist on dressing like it’s still 2005.

First, and this is key information you need to log deep in the recesses of your brain because it will absolutely come in handy at a dinner party someday: Ritter is an actor. No, really. He’s been doing little on-screen bits since he played himself on the CW’s Smallville — that show that inadvertently helped spawn a cult. A good actor? Who knows? But an actor nonetheless, and one nabbing enough work that he ended up sharing the screen with Megan Fox in an on-demand B-list crime movie where she plays a nasty mob boss and him, her equally demented henchman.

It was on the set of this film that the altercation between Ritter and MGK, a.k.a. Colson Baker, occurred. According to the “Dirty Little Secret” crooner, he came to Fox’s trailer one day with the genius idea of putting his fingers in her mouth during her climactic death scene as a way for his character to “get revenge” for all of her character’s taunts during the film. MGK, who was with Fox when Ritter’s artistic lightbulb went off, did not like the idea. Chaos soon ensued.

“I go over [to Fox’s trailer] and there’s her man in there with her. This Colson guy, who you know as Machine Gun Kelly. I call him ‘Pistol Pete,’” Ritter said on a recent podcast appearance. Why the eye-roll-earning nickname? We’re still not sure. Perhaps he’s giving Donald Trump a run for his money. “I was like, ‘Hey Megan, you know, I wanted to talk to you about this moment where when you die, because you’ve been teasing me, putting your fingers in my mouth, that when you’re dead, I put my fingers in your mouth.'”

Gross, but sure. Lean into the artistic process and all that.

“Colson like just goes from zero to like rage and awesome, super angry,” Ritter continued. “He was super bummed about me asking if I could put my fingers in Megan Fox’s mouth and I knew she was right there and he just went ballistic. He kind of went maniac mode.”

Though there were no reports of champagne glasses being smashed, Ritter says he and MGK never officially made up. It’s all good though because, for his next role in which Ritter has a “zero to ape s–t” moment on screen with Kate Beckinsale, the rocker channeled his new nemesis’ freak out to great effect.

“I remember when ‘Pistol Pete’ started going ape on me, I was like, ‘This is really confrontational, but also, like, thank you, dude,'” Ritter said. “He had this like baby’s arm of a joint dangling out of his mouth and he was fully unhinged and I was just like, ‘OK man, I’ll just receive you.’ ’Cause obviously it wasn’t gonna be anything crazy. But yeah that was … holy s–t. It was the greatest gift.”

(Via Page Six)