Meghan McCain (Like The Rest Of Us) Wants Madison Cawthorn To Name Names Regarding His ‘Orgies And Cocaine’ Claims

Madison Cawthorn‘s wild claim that he’s been invited to orgies and offered cocaine by his Washington D.C. colleagues is causing a sizable freakout in Republican corners. The young North Carolina congressman made the accusation during an interview with the “Warrior Poet” podcast. According to Cawthorn, he saw firsthand the “perversion” in Washington when people he “looked up to” invited him to their house for a “sexual get-together.” He also claims to have watched them do cocaine right in front of him.

Considering Cawthorn mainly interacts with Republican politicians, there’s been a huge stir in the House over his accusations, and lifelong conservative Meghan McCain is getting in on the action. On Tuesday morning, the former The View host demanded to know which MAGA politicians need to be thrown out of office for hosting drug-fueled sex parties.

“So, Madison Cawthorne [sic] only hangs out with hard core MAGA people in DC,” McCain tweeted. “The American public deserves to know which members of congress are doing cocaine and having orgies because they are unfit for office.”

Meanwhile, in the House, Cawthorn’s colleagues were not thrilled to see the young congressman tossing around wild accusations. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is reportedly planning to speak to Cawthorn. Although, judging how another one of those talks deeply, deeply failed to rein in Marjorie Taylor Greene, maybe don’t expect too much under the category of “results” here.

However, if McCarthy’s stern talking to doesn’t work, other representatives have stepped up to dispute Cawthorn’s claims, which are stirring up lots of questions. Via Politico:

In one case, Rep. Steve Womack (R-Ark.) stood up and addressed his colleagues, telling them that he rarely speaks during the closed-door weekly meetings but felt he must address the topic because he’s now getting questions about participants in Cawthorn’s alleged orgies and drug use. Womack remarked that many lawmakers go to bed at 9 p.m. and still use fax machines and flip phones, stating that it was inappropriate to paint them with a broad brush, as Cawthorn did.

In fairness, “we’re all extremely old and terrified of technology” is a pretty solid defense. We’re talking about an elderly legislative body whose idea of a crazy night is mixing a little bit of regular coffee in with the decaf. When that happens, watch out, folks. Someone’s going for an extra slice of pecan pie!

(Via Meghan McCain on Twitter, Politico)