Madison Cawthorn Has Apparently Admitted That His Stories About Cocaine-Fueled DC Orgies Are Total Bullsh*t

In a twist that will surprise absolutely no one, it seems Representative Madison Cawthorn’s bizarre tale about cocaine-fueled orgies happening all over Capitol Hill is a lie he made up for attention.

We know. We’re shocked too.

The North Carolina Republican and rookie Congressman made some wild claims while guesting on a podcast earlier this week. After comparing his time on the Hill to the Netflix drama House of Cards, he told host John Lovell that he’d been invited to “orgies” by fellow lawmakers and he had witnessed people doing “key bumps” of cocaine ” right in front of him. Now, we’re assuming he was referring to his Republican colleagues because Cawthorn is the kind of loud-mouthed MAGA supporter most Democrats in Washington D.C. actively avoid, but, in any case, his lurid tales of White House adjacents engaging in sex parties and blow have made everybody on Capitol Hill look bad. That’s why House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy gave him a stern talking to this week.

McCarthy called Cawthorn to his office for a “tense” meeting that ended with the young Republican admitting he greatly exaggerated some of the more scandalous details he revealed on the podcast.

“In the interview, he claims he watched people do cocaine. Then when he comes in he tells me, he says he thinks he saw maybe a staffer in a parking garage from 100 yards away,” McCarthy told Axios reporters. “It’s just frustrating. There’s no evidence behind his statements. I just told him he’s lost my trust, he’s gonna have to earn it back, and I laid out everything I find is unbecoming. And, you can’t just say ‘You can’t do this again.’ I mean, he’s, he’s got a lot of members very upset.”

McCarthy says he hasn’t ruled out harsher disciplinary action against Cawthorn for spreading lies about his party but he’s waiting to see how the rookie representative will handle the situation before delivering an official punishment.

(Via Axios)