‘Bless Her Heart’: Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Suddenly Very Concerned About Climate Change, But Only For Her Anti-Immigration Argument

I’m not sure what’s going on these days with Marjorie Taylor Greene’s political strategy. Granted, she’s been a puzzler for awhile, to the point where it’s hardly worth trying to comprehend her perspectives. Yet it’s notable that the congresswoman from Georgia has been at odds with several of her far-right BFFs lately. She fought with Lauren Boebert in the bathroom and lost Matt Gaetz by supporting the “sh*t sandwich” of a debt-ceiling deal, which has also apparently caused a “divorce” between Greene and Steve Bannon.

Greene doesn’t seem to care about essentially having zero political allies now, though. When she gets her mind set on something, things get strange. She gets laser focused and acts like she’s never heard of, say, “disgusting” porn websites. This also seems to be the case with climate change, which Greene has perhaps just now realized is a threat to humanity. That’s the vibe that one gets from her bizarre faux-concern about how “migrants in America” shouldn’t be here because they would be subject to natural disasters.

“Natural disasters. Talk about climate change!” Greene sounded uncharacteristically aghast on the subject. “We have an extremely diverse climate. We have a wide range of natural disasters. 97 natural disasters occurred in 2021. I don’t think that it’s very safe for migrants in America. These natural disasters include wildfires, heatwaves, droughts, winter storms, cold waves, tropical cyclones…”

A not-unfounded take on social media: “I think MTG just became aware of problems with the climate.”

Ruth from Ozark also has something to add.

From there, no one is sure what to make of this display. “Bless your heart” is one cutting response, and no one knows what Greene’s point is, other than putting her anti-immigration spin on everything.