Watch Marjorie Taylor Greene Get Loudly Laughed At By Her Colleagues After She Demanded ‘Decorum’ In The House

Even before she arrived in Congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene has not played nice. She used to harass her future colleagues and school shooting survivors. In office, she’s heckled President Joe Biden during multiple State of the Unions. So when she demanded “decorum” during a raucous House session, quite a few of her colleagues loudly and lengthily laughed at her.

Greene was presiding over the House Wednesday, subbing in for Speaker Kevin McCarthy, when the vibe in the chamber grew a bit wild. Far right House Majority Leader Steve Scalise was at the podium trying to calm down loud fellow representatives. He demanded “decorum.” So Greene chimed in, chiding those in the chamber by telling them, “Members are reminded to abide by decorum of the House.”

Instead of quieting down, they erupted into deafening laughter. It lasted some 15 seconds.

In her two years-and-change as a representative of Georgia, Greene has rarely been less than a nuisance. Instead of making laws, she trolls her colleagues and demonizes the left. She takes part in attempts to take down Biden that go nowhere. She is, as someone aptly put it, “just eternally asking for the manager.” So when she tried to tsk-tsk other lawmakers, laughter was really the only response.