Marjorie Taylor Greene Went Off On A 25-Tweet Rant Blasting Ex-MAGA-Pals Lauren Boebert And Matt Gaetz

If the holiday season is all about peace, love, and forgiveness, Marjorie Taylor Greene must have missed the memo. Like carving into under-seasoned, white-ass turkey for Thanksgiving, the Georgia congresswoman’s holiday traditions are just a little different than most people’s — and we couldn’t have dreamed up a better gift.

While MTG and equally batty Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert are often on the same wrong side of every argument, they’ve always seemed a bit more like frenemies. This was confirmed earlier in the year when they got into such a vicious verbal spat that they apparently had to be separated, like preschoolers fighting over the same Crayon. Now, the gruesome twosome are at it again — this time over their split alliance toward wannabe SOTH Kevin McCarthy.

The spat began where most trouble with MTG starts: Jewish space lasers! While speaking with conservative sh*t-disturber Charlie Kirk on the topic of McCarthy and the divide between Marge, who supports him, and Lauren, who does not, Boebert totally went there and declared “I don’t believe in this just like I don’t believe in… Jewish space lasers.”

The joke got a chuckle out of Florida Man Matt Gaetz and his hair, which REALLY pissed Marge off. So much so, Raw Story reports, that she tweeted out a 25-message rant in which she attempted to take down her frenemies, who she claims are bluffing about having any plan — or power — to block McCarthy’s nomination:

“It’s time for my friends in the Never Kevin Caucus to stop lying to the base just bc they don’t like Kevin McCarthy. They do not have a plan and there is no consensus candidate. Sabotaging the country for personal reasons is not brave or righteous, it’s selfish and foolish.”

Actually sabotaging the Capitol, on the other hand, is another matter. And an entirely different outcome had Greene and Steve Bannon been in charge.

If you’ve got an hour and a full bottle of aspirin (or bourbon), you can start scrolling through MTG’s full rant — with visual aids — below:

(Via Raw Story)