Even Matt Gaetz, Of All People, Thinks Fox News Hosts Went Too Far In ‘Over-Sexualizing’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Matt Gaetz, the “ass-kisser” representative from Florida who was accused of sex trafficking a 17-year-old girl, got caught pushing Chinese propaganda, and body-shamed a teenager, has his limits. This month, he and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) teamed up to co-sponsor a bill that would prohibit members of Congress from owning stocks. Greg Gutfeld found this cross-party alignment hilarious, because if there’s one person who knows comedy, it’s the guy who talked about jerking off to stepmom porn with Bill Maher.

“I smell a romantic comedy,” Gutfeld said on the Fox News show The Five. “A beautiful left-wing communist in Congress. A dashing right-wing male fresh off a wrongful allegation of sexual misconduct. They come together to fight one of the most corrupt practices in politics. And they fall in love. They can’t help themselves. She’s got a French Poodle. He’s got a strange hairline, but somehow they’re gonna make it work. And then they’re gonna leave politics and start their own business. It’ll be like a bakery. A vegan bakery, a vegan bakery for pets.” When co-host co-host Jesse Watters pointed out that Gaetz is married, Gutfeld replied, “No, he’s gonna leave her.”

Speaking on his Firebrand podcast on Tuesday, Gaetz said, “It does seem a little childish to me that the media always has to over-sexualize everything that AOC is involved with.” He thinks “they wouldn’t do that to men. And two people can engage in serious legislation that’s not renaming some post office, but trying to make our Congress more honest and more ethical without that type of, I think, very childish and immature commentary.”

Gaetz also criticized Gutfeld’s co-host, Jeanine Pirro.

“And then Judge Jeanine, Judge Jeanine, who starts out saying I am happily married – Judge Jeanine, who was sitting at my table at Mar-a-Lago the night I proposed to my wife – by the end of the Greg Gutfeld rant, she’s bailed and she’s wanting to be the officiant for me and AOC!”

Only Greg Gutfeld could make Matt Gaetz seem like the voice of reason.

(Via Mediaite)