Matthew McConaughey Has Elaborated Upon Why He’s Taking So Long To Decide If He’ll Run For Texas Governor

For a significant part of this year, Matthew McConaughey has been toying with making a run for Texas governor, but despite being a noted straight-shooter, the actor has been uncharacteristically non-committal about tossing his hat in the ring. (His policy positions have been even tougher to nail down because they essentially don’t exist.) However, McConaughey is bumping up against a deadline, and he’s now facing a sh*t or get off the pot decision that, to his credit, he’s not taking lightly.

While sitting down for a new interview after being named “Philanthropist of the Year” by The Hollywood Reporter, McConaughey explains why he appears to be unusually “indecisive” when it comes to entering the gubernatorial race:

It’s a whole new thing. I prepare for everything. I’m a big preparer. I am not until I am — OK? Is this something I’ve been thinking about for 20 years, and I know what I want to do, but I’m just holding on to my answer? No. It’s a new embassy of leadership that I have really been doing my diligence to study, to look into, to question what it is, what would it be for me. Not the question of, “Hey, do you think I could win?” No. Let’s talk about what Texas politics is. Talk about a policy statement.

As McConaughey explains, his concern is less about whether he could win (and according to a recent poll, he very well could) but whether it’s in the best interest of Texas for an actor with no political experience to become governor. However, he knows that December 13 deadline is fast approaching, and so is his decision.

“I’m a storyteller. I’m a CEO. But being CEO of a state? Am I best equipped for the people in the state, and for my family and myself? There’s great sacrifice that comes with a decision,” McConaughey elaborated. “That’s what I’ve been doing, and there’s no tease to it. There’s me doing my diligence, and I will let you know shortly.”

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)