Michael Flynn Called QAnon ‘Total Nonsense’ In A Secret Recording Released To Make Him Look Bad To QAnon Cultists

Michael Flynn only spent about three weeks in the Trump administration before resigning in disgrace. But he’s had quite the after life. The former National Security Advisor has embraced his position as a kind of prophet for the QAnon crowd, those who subscribe to a bizarre — and frequently debunked — conspiracy theory involving Satanic cabals and cannibalistic pedophiles, who only Trump can defeat. Not long ago some believers seemed to turn on him. And now a newly released secret recording makes the problem even worse.

As per The Daily Beast, Lin Wood, the Trump lawyer and QAnon booster (who has also recently earned their wrath), released a recording to Telegram of a phonecall between the two, who have apparently had a falling out. It finds Wood complaining to Flynn that his QAnon fanatics had come for him. But Flynn told Wood not to worry about it because it’s BS anyway — while, of course, hatching another, different probably nonsense conspiracy theory.

“I think it’s a disinformation campaign,” Flynn told Wood. “I think it’s a disinformation campaign that the CIA created. That’s what I believe. Now, I don’t know that for a fact, but that’s what I think it is. I think it’s a disinformation campaign.”

Later into the call, Flynn doubled down. “I find it total nonsense,” he says. “And I think it’s a disinformation campaign created by the left.”

The call is a blow to QAnon cultists, whose fanaticism Flynn has long fanned, possibly for personal gain. Recently internecine fighting has erupted between figures like Wood and Flynn, the latter who told QAnon audiences that he supported a Myanmar-style coup to reinstate Trump. (He later denied this.)

In short, it’s not been great for believers in a surreal conspiracy theory. First they got repeatedly stood up by the ghost of JFK Jr., now this.

(Via The Daily Beast)