QAnon Cultists Are Apparently STILL In Dallas Singing ‘We Are The World’ In Unison While Waiting For JFK Jr. To Return

Two weeks ago, QAnon believers were left disappointed after John F. Kennedy, Jr. — a guy who’s been dead for 22 years — failed to make an appearance at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. Members of the group expected the late son of former President John F. Kennedy to reveal his death was just a ruse and that he’d been working in secret to bring down the “deep state” for more than two decades. His resurrection was supposed to end with JFK, Jr. — a staunch Democrat during his lifetime — reinstating Donald Trump as president.

One would think that a failed prophecy might convince some of these people to at least go back home and get on with their lives but, according to a new report from Vice, dozens of QAnon followers are still in Dallas, weeks after the expected reveal, and they’re still waiting for JFK, Jr. to pop up.

The group gathered once more at the Plaza after Michael Brian Protzman, the demolition worker who first used a heavily-altered version of the Hebrew numerology system known as Gematria to predict Kennedy’s comeback, told QAnon followers that his prophecy was actually meant to come true on Monday evening according to the Julian calendar — which is what they should’ve been following from the beginning, according to him.

In videos of the event shared on social media, dozens of adults and some young children can be seen saying the Lord’s Prayer in a circle on the grounds before breaking into a rendition of “We Are The World.” The group lingered long into the night despite JFK, Jr. once again failing to appear.

According to sources who spoke to Vice, over 1,000 people showed up for the first predicted resurrection and, though numbers have dwindled, dozens are still staying at a Hyatt in Dallas awaiting word from Protzman, who may be planning to make the city his group’s home base and is asking for donations from QAnon followers to cover food and hotel expenses for this trip. Photos of Protzman walking around the hotel with a literal tin foil on his head were shared to Telegram at one point.

No word yet on how Protzman and his followers are handling the latest failed resurrection.

(Via Vice)