Mike Lindell’s Latest Hysterical Election Fraud Claim Sees Him Rising To The Defense of The ‘Jesus Guns Babies’ Candidate

Mike Lindell is already facing multi-billion dollar lawsuits, and by his own admission, has spent over $30 million chasing (non-existent) definitive proof of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Considering that endeavor has yet to re-install Donald Trump in the White House, you’d think Lindell wouldn’t get involved in another election, but nope. The MyPillow CEO is now accusing Georgia Governor Brian Kemp of stealing votes from Republican primary candidate Kandiss Taylor.

Despite running with the not-at-all awkward campaign slogan of “Jesus Guns Babies,” Taylor only earned three percent of the vote in the GOP primary. According to Lindell, who notably could only make this accusation on his self-owned Frank TV platform, there were shenanigans afoot. However, like all things Lindell, his accusations don’t make a lick of sense and rely on heavy “Trust me, bro” vibes.

Via Ron Filipkowski on Twitter:

He got 73 percent! How could you take those other votes? Let me tell you, everybody, we have preliminary evidence that Kandiss Taylor, for every single vote that Kemp got, he took her votes and then added them, and Kandiss got five percent. Now these are all through all the precincts. And then you have stuff go on in Georgia where certain people like Jodi Heights. They got the same percentage in just about every county like 17 percent. What is that rabbit? Well, Jay, I’ll you what it is, everybody. Did they not think anybody is gonna look? No, they don’t care. They want our country, they don’t care.

As for what any of that means, who the hell knows? We’d even go so far to say that Lindell doesn’t even know because he just rambles and rambles without providing proof of how Kemp somehow siphoned off 95 percent of Taylor’s votes if that’s even what Lindell is saying. Again, your guess is as good as ours.

(Via Ron Filipkowski on Twitter)