Mike Lindell Had An Epic Meltdown During A Deposition When Someone Called MyPillow Pillows ‘Lumpy’

Like many in Donald Trump’s orbit, Mike Lindell ain’t doing so hot these days. For nearly three years, The MyPillow guy has dumped untold millions down the drain chasing proof — any proof — that the 2020 election was stolen. He’s even admitted that he, the owner of a profitable bedwear company, is going broke. He should be mad at Trump, or maybe himself for buying his BS. Instead he’s mad at pillow critics.

As per The Daily Beast, video of a deposition Lindell did in March was made public, showing him being a decidedly unruly interviewee while fielding questions in regards to his pricy Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit. During it, Lindell was, in the words of Dominion exec Eric Coomer, ““vulgar, threatening, loud (and) disrespectful.” He was so hostile that the company filed a motion against him calling on him to be sanctioned.

“Mr. Lindell refused to provide a direct answer to virtually every question asked, instead opting to shout over Dr. Coomer’s counsel and then provide lengthy, meandering filibusters that each consumed substantial amounts of time and several pages of transcript,” the motion reads.

During the deposition, Lindell called Coomer and his lawyer “evil,” “criminals,” and “disgusting slime.” Arguably the strangest moment came when they presented him with a customer review calling MyPillow pillows “lumpy.” That’s when he really lost it.

“No, they’re not lumpy pillows,” Lindell raged. “When you say lumpy pillows, now you’re an asshole! You got that? You’re an asshole is what you are!”

He continued to rail, saying “Lumpy pillows? Kiss my ass. Put that in your book.” After vowing to simmer down, he hit them where it really hurts: “Obviously you don’t have a MyPillow, too. You don’t, do you?”

Lindell is facing lawsuits from both Coomer and Dominion itself for spreading byzantine — and, so far, unproven — conspiracy theories about their involvement in the election that went to Joe Biden. None of this has stopped his pursuit of the elusive — and almost certainly nonexistent — smoking gun proving that possibly the most hated politician in modern history somehow won re-election.

(Via The Daily Beast)