Mike Lindell Claims That He Has Been Forced To Borrow Millions Over The Summer Because He’s So Broke

Mike Lindell is still facing financial ruin for spending years and millions chasing “proof” that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. Lindell made the admission while helping to raise money for the 16 fake electors who’ve been arraigned on state charges in Michigan. As for why Lindell would boast that he’s almost broke chasing after Trump’s “stolen” victory as a method to ask other people to throw away their money is anybody’s guess.

“They’ve taken me down just in a bigger way,” Lindell said about the federal government and the lawsuits he’s facing from voting software companies he’s accused of fraid. “I’ve had to borrow millions of dollars this summer. I’ve never been in debt like this for a long, long time.”

Via Raw Story:

“When they weaponize the government against us, it seems like it’s insurmountable,” he continued while soliciting funds for the phony electors. “And these people that don’t have the resources, like you say, that I had, I don’t have anymore, but I had.”

It should be noted that the source of Mike Lindell’s finances is entirely Mike Lindell, and that picture seemingly changes with the wind. Earlier this year, he claimed that his MyPillow empire was losing money after being dumped by major big box retailers like Walmart. Lindell claimed he had to take out a $10 million loan after already blowing $30 million pushing Trump’s voter fraud scheme.

However, a few months later he told Steve Bannon that MyPillow couldn’t be better thanks to the invention of MyPillow 2.0. That news only last another few months before Lindell was in the news for auctioning off equipment in a fire sale.

So is Mike Lindell really in debt? We’ll probably never know until he goes to court for one of the multi-billion dollar lawsuits levied against him by Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic.

(Via Raw Story)