MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell Has Been Suspended From Twitter Following Months Of Voter Fraud Lies

For months, Mike Lindell — aka the MyPillow Guy, aka the founder of those pricey pillows you see advertised on television — has had former president Trump’s back. He’s parroted baseless conspiracy theories about voter fraud. He’s appeared to make up some of his own. He was so adamant about keeping him in power that he visited the White House during his final week, apparently trying to talk him into enacting martial law. Now he’s following Trump down another road: On Monday night Twitter suspended his account, too.

As of this writing, Twitter top brass have not put out any official explanation, nor is it clear if it’s a permanent suspension, much like Trump’s. It’s also not clear which tweet or tweets lead to the decision to boot him from their services.

It’s the latest plot twist in the story of Lindell, who’s long touted his story of overcoming drug addiction to start a wildly successful business empire. Over the last few months he’s put that empire in harms’ way, his voter fraud lies getting his product discontinued from Bed, Bath and Beyond and even daring the voter machine company Dominion to sue him. Now this.

In lighter news, he was very briefly romantically linked to 30 Rock’s Jane Krakowski over the weekend, though that, like his rants about the 2020 election, turned out to be false.