The MyPillow Guy Is Outraged To Be Dropped By Bed, Bath, And Beyond (And More), And People Love To See It

Mike Lindell, a.k.a., “the MyPillow guy,” is finding out that there are consequences for telling seditious lies. Not only has he been threatened with a lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems — and Lindell had best take heed of that threat, since Dominion has already sued wacky Trump lawyer Sidney Powell for a whopping $1.3 billion for pushing election-fraud lies — but Lindell’s bottom line is fixing to take a major hit after MyPillow’s been dumped by multiple retailers. This is all happening because Lindell persists in fueling false QAnon conspiracies about the 2020 election being “stolen” from Trump.

Not only has Lindell disseminated these falsehoods, but he also helped to incite the failed MAGA coup that left five people (including two police officers) dead. Here’s Lindell ranting on his private jet (Rex Chapman posted the video on Twitter, though it was originally uploaded to Parler) as he blatantly lied to the MAGA crowd while declaring, “Donald Trump’s gonna be your president for the next years.” He apparently filmed this clip following (and as a response to) January 6’s insurrection on Capitol Hill.

The fallout’s not going too well for the MyPillow guy. On Sunday night, he spoke with Right Side Broadcasting Network while sharing that his products have been pulled from shelves at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Lindell was outraged and declared that this was also happening with Kohl’s and other retailers. In doing so, Lindell railed against “fake people” who he says threatened boycotts and forced stores to make this move. He also lashed out against the Sleeping Giants watchdog (which Lindel called “the most evil people on the planet,” but you can read about their anti-Breitbart and anti-QAnon cause in a New York Times profile), which he accuses of “attack[ing] vendors” who are supported by the QAnon crowd.

Oh, and Lindell also revealed that he still talks to Sidney Powell multiple times per day.

Sleeping Giants, by the way, did help alert a lot of people to the “QANON” discount code for MyPillow that’s apparently in use for many retailers.

Naturally, people are giddy, and the jokes are rolling in as this last (disastrous) phase of the Trump presidency rolls to a close. Many are vowing to do more shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond and hoping for a special Dominion section.

In a little over a day, it will be inauguration time for Joe Biden.