The MyPillow Guy Is Flat-Out Daring Dominion To Sue Him After They Slapped Wacky Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell With A $1.3 Billion Suit

Mike Lindell (a.k.a., “The MyPillow Guy”) recently complained that he’s been dropped by Bed, Bath & Beyond and more vendors because he won’t stop fueling false QAnon conspiracies about the 2020 election being “stolen” from Trump. He still doesn’t seem concerned that there are consequences for telling seditious lies because he appeared on the Victory Channel’s Flashpoint to flat out dare Dominion Voting Systems to sue him for persisting in pushing election-fraud conspiracy theories. Somehow, he’s not afraid of how Dominion’s already sued wacky Trump lawyer Sidney Powell for a whopping $1.3 billion, and he recently revealed that he still talks to Powell multiple times per day.

Regardless of whether Mike Lindell is capable of feeling fear, he’s still talking. In the above video around the 25:00 mark, he tossed out a dare. “Please sue me, Dominion… it’s like the old mafia days when I used to bet football,” Lindell declared. Mediaite has reported that Dominion has sent a cease-and-desist letter as a precursor to a lawsuit over his false and damaging claims to the company, but Lindell doesn’t seem to care.

In the above video, he proceeds to theorize that such a lawsuit would only rush the issue to court, where he believes that he can unveil his bonkers and dangerous conspiracy theories and have them embraced by the court. This did not work out well for Trump’s Legal Strike Force because judges across the U.S. shut down their invalid claims for a lack of evidence and other problems, but Lindell doesn’t seem to accept reality. He’s also still fiercely proud of the failed MAGA coup that left five people (including two police officers) dead, and he posted a video of himself blatantly lying to the QAnon crowd while vowing, “Donald Trump’s gonna be your president for the next years.”

Well, that didn’t happen, obviously.

(Via Mediaite)