Nick Cannon Revealed That Jamie Foxx Plans To Give A Health Update On His Own Terms ‘When He’s Ready’

After being rushed to the hospital for a medical emergency earlier this year, Jamie Foxx seems to be recovering, though he has yet to provide many details about the ordeal. His pal Nick Cannon, on the other hand, has been providing some updates for the fans who have been eager to hear about Foxx’s recovery. Cannon has been forthcoming lately but also opinionated.

Cannon explained to Extra that Foxx is an “extremely professional and extremely private” person who won’t reveal anything about his health until he’s ready. “When he’s ready, he’s going to address the awaiting fans in the world in the way that only he can,” Cannon added.

When asked about his specific medical condition, Cannon said that he hasn’t pressed his pal for more info, and just supports him in other ways, “As a friend, just being as respectful as I can, I don’t pry. I don’t ask any other questions.” Cannon recently stepped in as host of Foxx’s reality show Beat Shazam, which is actually a singing competition and not an invitation to punch Zachary Levi.

Foxx’s various other projects have been on hold for now, including his movie with Cameron Diaz, but hopefully, the actor is able to get some time to rest now that he doesn’t have to listen to people singing poorly all day every day.

(Via Decider)