Pamela Anderson Is Standing By Her Controversial #MeToo Comments: ‘I Could Even Take It A Step Further’

Pamela Anderson’s whirlwind of a week keeps cranking amid her release of two projects: Pamela: A Love Story, a documentary currently streaming on Netflix, and Love, Pamela, her memoir available in bookstores. In the process of promotion, she’s divulged plenty of tidbits, including how Kid Rock threw a tantrum at the Borat premiere, which ended their marriage. She’s also discussed her worst marriage, which wasn’t to Kid Rock. It’s been a lot, but that’s only the beginning.

For the moment, it’s worth noting that Ronan Farrow (for Interview magazine) asked Pamela to address a controversial 2017 statement that she made to Megyn Kelly, to whom she declared (of the Harvey Weinstein scandal), “It was common knowledge that certain producers or certain people in Hollywood are people to avoid, privately. You know what you’re getting into if you’re going into a hotel room alone.”

To Farrow, Anderson did not back down despite people not loving those remarks. She stood by her sentiment and declared, “I could even take it a step further.” And she did:

“My mother would tell me — and I think this is the kind of feminism I grew up with — it takes two to tango. Believe me, I’ve been in many situations where it’s like, ‘Come in here little girl, sit on the bed.’ But my mom would say, ‘If someone answers the door in a hotel robe and you’re going for an interview, don’t go in. But if you do go in, get the job.'”

She also realized, “That’s a horrible thing to say but that’s how I was. I skated on the edges of destruction, I just had this sense of value and self-worth. But I think a lot of people don’t have that or they weren’t taught that.” And Pam acknowledged (“Thank god”) that the #MeToo movement created progress “because things have changed and people are much more careful and respectful.”

On the “more careful”-these-days note, Pamela has also recently alleged that Tim Allen flashed his penis at her on the set of Home Improvement. That’s a “tool time” that wasn’t welcomed, and Allen has gone on record to express how “disappointed” he feels about the accusation.

(Via Interview)