RFK Jr.’s Campaign Team Must Be Thrilled That He Admitted He Was On Jeffrey Epstein’s Plane, Twice

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign got off to a rocky start, and it hasn’t exactly improved. Some say the conspiracy theorist, who was initially running as a Democrat, is peeling away votes from Joe Biden. Some say he’s taking them from Donald Trump. Whatever the case, it’s not been an easy one for his campaign team, who have to contend with things like him spreading some of the wackiest COVID claims out there, which is saying something. What he admitted on Fox News Tuesday night probably isn’t helping.

Per Mediaite, Kennedy went on Jesse Watters Primetime (aka Tucker Carlson’s old time slot). Earlier in the show Watters had been talking about how Senator Dick Durbin has been blocking the release of flight logs from Epstein’s private plane. Watters wound up asking Kennedy if he’d ever been on the plane, perhaps expecting the answer to be no. Alas.

“I was on Jeffrey Epstein’s jet two times,” Kennedy replied. His wife, Curb Your Enthusiasm actress Cheryl Hines, was also on it, because apparently she had “some kind of relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell,” Epstein’s accomplice, now serving time for sex trafficking minors. They flew to Palm Beach.

Another time he flew on it with his family, including, “I think, four of my children.”

It’s a big deal any time it’s revealed any prominent figure flew on Epstein’s private plane, better known as “The Lolita Express.” But Kennedy insisted it was all innocent fun:

“I have been very open about this from the beginning. This was in ’93, so it was 30 years ago. It was before anybody knew about Jeffrey Epstein’s, you know nefarious issues. And I agree with you that all of this information should be released. We should get real answers on what happened to Jeffrey Epstein and any of the high-level political people that he was involved with. All of that should be open to the public.”

Kennedy has admitted he flew with Epstein before, including last month. If anyone missed that news, he just made sure they know now.

Epstein, who (allegedly) committed suicide in his jail cell after being arrested on sex trafficking charges, had many big deal pals and associates, including at least two former presidents. One of them is running for president a third time.

(Via Mediaite)