DirecTV Has Made A Powerful (Or At Least Vocal) Enemy In Former Spokesman Rob Lowe

Burn the Rob Lowe and DirecTV 4 Evs! mural you have nestled in the garage. Those days are over now. SPOKESMAN-ON-COMPANY LOVE IS OVER NOW! Rob Lowe has beef with his former employer buds and he’s letting the world know.

The Monster Trucks actor laid into the satellite giant via Twitter on Saturday over NFC Divisional Playoff restrictions. (No safety gaffe thrills for Rob.) Hell hath no fury like a spokesperson scorned, so Lowe brought up his former campaign with the company to roast them on social media.

According to The Big Lead, a carriage dispute is what’s causing problems for the Parks & Rec alum. Frankly, we’re just happy he’s tweeting about Falcons/Seahawks viewing issues rather than other world events. Still, it’s sad to think that the many Lowes of the multiverse are now trapped caked in makeup in some sort of limbo. Never really living, never really dying, just waiting for an actor and a TV behemoth to patch things up. At the moment, the outlook isn’t all too rosy.

We imagine Comcast is scrambling to get Rob Lowe to appear in a Super Bowl ad where he pulls a Verizon guy style brand switcheroo.

(Via BroBible & The Big Lead)