What’s Going On With Creepy, Less Attractive Rob Lowe In Those Hilarious DirecTV Commercials?

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09.24.14 9 Comments

Networks have gotten smart with how they cast their commercials lately, ensuring that many of us who normally fast-forward through ad spots stop to see what’s going on. That was the case with Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s adorable Samsung commercial, and this week, I couldn’t help but stop to see what the hell was going on with Rob Lowe in these DirecTV commercials.

I mean, look at him:

Less attractive Rob Lowe is basically a cross between Nick Kroll in the old Caveman series based on the Geico ads, and Mrs. Peacock in the “Home” episode of The X-Files.

Hilarious spot, though. And so is this one, where Lowe looks like the thinner but less successful brother of Chris Farley’s Matt Foley, motivational speaker.

Source: Adweek

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