Buckle Up, Because The January 6th Committee ‘Absolutely’ Wants To Talk To Rudy Giuliani

Between being stripped of his license to practice law in either New York or Washington, D.C. and banned from yukking it up on Fox News, one has to imagine that Rudy Giuliani’s cell phone (the one the FBI didn’t snatch up when they raided his apartment back in April) has been going through a bit of a dry spell. So maybe he’ll be happy to hear that someone wants to talk to him… even if it is the January 6th Select Committee.

As Forbes reports, Select Committee chairman Bennie Thompson told a pair of CNN reporters that Giuliani is at the top of their list of key Donald Trump associates who undoubtedly have valuable information to share with the committee about Trump’s comings and goings-on and surrounding the Capitol insurrection. “He’s an integral part of whatever happens,” Thompson said of the disgraced former New York City Mayor.

Though Thompson did not specify a timeline for when they might want to speak with Rudy, he was certain that they “absolutely” would call on the man formerly known as America’s Mayor at some point. He also didn’t say whether they would be subpoenaing Giuliani or if they expected him to voluntarily cooperate with their investigation, only noting that the committee is currently “working through the process.”

In the final days of Trump’s presidency, Rudy was regularly at his side and one of his most vociferous supporters (even if he sometimes seemed less than coherent). As the former president’s personal lawyer, he was also part of a very tiny inner circle that reportedly set up a kind of war room at the Willard Hotel to find a way to keep Trump in power. While Steve Bannon, who was also there, has already proudly stated that he did indeed plot to make the fatal events of January 6th happen, Giuliani is famous for going off-script, so it’s hard to know what he’ll say. Or whether they’ll be an accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

(Via Forbes)