The Jan 6th Committee May Be Coming For Rudy Giuliani AND He’s Being Sued By Georgia Poll Workers

Rudy Giuliani cannot catch a break—and he has only himself, Donald Trump, and The Big Lie to blame. In a year that has seen the former New York City Mayor hold a press conference next to a dildo shop, prattle on endlessly while oily goo leaked from his head, be sued for $1.3 billion by the company that makes voting machines, and reportedly hurtle toward bankruptcy, Rudy himself seems more concerned about why Fox News has banned him from appearing on the network. But all that could change if and when the House’s January 6th Committee comes for the one-time TIME Person of the Year.

According to Vanity Fair, Rudy may very well be one of the next people on their subpoena list. According to VF staff writer Charlotte Klein, the subject in question is a phone call Trump made to the Willard Hotel, where Rudy and Trump’s other lawyers and strategists like Steve Bannon had set up a kind of war room in order to help the then-president save the job the American people had voted him out of. As Klein writes:

In that call, first revealed last month, Trump reportedly relayed that his number two, Mike Pence, was not inclined to insert himself into the certification process on Trump’s behalf and pressed his advisers for other ways to stop Joe Biden’s certification. That conversation was among several strategy discussions Trump is said to have had with his Willard-based aides the night before the insurrection.

Bannon and Eastman, of course, have already been subpoenaed, and Trump has been attempting to use “executive privilege” as an excuse for not allowing the committee access to White House records from those days. Given the fact that the former president has refused to pay the legal fees he owes to Rudy, or attempt to help his former lawyer/BFF in his time of need, who knows what Giuliani—ever the loose cannon—might have to say (intentionally or otherwise).

But the House subcommittee isn’t the only group wanting a piece of Rudy. As The Grio reports via Yahoo! News, two Georgia poll workers who were essentially accused of working to overturn a presidential election by Giuliani are now also suing him for spreading such damning lies about them. Ruby Freeman and her daughter, Wandrea “Shaye” Moss, filed a lawsuit at the U.S. District Court in Washington D.C. last week against Giuliani and OAN, who they accuse of “working together” to spread what they knowingly knew were lies about them and their fellow poll workers.

“As part of that campaign, OAN repeatedly turned to Giuliani, a member of former President Trump’s campaign team, and one of the central orchestrators of the conspiracy theory that the 2020 election was rigged,” the complaint reads.

According to Yahoo!, the complaint—which is more than 80 pages long—specifically cites manipulated security footage of Freeman, Moss, and others counting ballots following the 2020 presidential election. Team Trump published an edited version of the video on December 3, 2020 and claimed it showed Freeman and Moss “rigging” votes.

If Giuliani attempts to ignore the subpoena, perhaps the committee could get him to film a Cameo video about his illicit behind-the-scenes dealings.

(Via Vanity Fair)