Steve Bannon Proudly Admits That He Did Indeed Plot With Trump To Kill Biden’s Presidency ‘In The Crib’ With The Jan. 6th Insurrection

A new book coming from Washington Post reporters Robert Costa and Bob Woodward has been spilling all kinds of tea about the final weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency, but the latest truth bomb is a pretty explosive one.

During an interview with MSNBC, the two authors shared an excerpt from the book detailing how Trump henchman Steve Bannon had organized a “war-room” type meeting the night before the Jan. 6th insurrection. According to Costa and Woodward, both Bannon and Rudy Giuliani camped out at the Willard Hotel, just a few blocks from the White House, and met with several close allies of the president before his rally incited a violent mob to attack Capitol Hill.

“Bannon had actually been in close touch with President Trump for days before January 6th,” Costa alleged. “Based on our reporting, he privately told President Trump to have a reckoning on January 6th. And he said to the president, ‘It’s time to kill the Biden presidency in the crib.'”

A fairly ominous and damning statement you’d think Bannon would want to distance himself from after seeing how things turned out for Trump after the riots but, apparently, the former political strategist has no qualms about tying himself to a treasonous uprising. On his conservative broadcast Wednesday morning, Bannon played a clip of the two journalists detailing his involvement in the Jan. 6th insurrection before proudly taking credit for the chaos Trump caused with his baseless voter fraud allegations.

“Yeah, because [of] his legitimacy,” Bannon said after Costa’s allegation that he wanted to kill Biden’s presidency before it began. “Just look at what this illegitimate regime is doing. It killed itself. OK? But we told you from the very beginning, just expose it, just expose it, never back down, never give up and this thing will implode.”

Ahh, to have the confidence of an aging white man who knows he’ll probably never have to face the consequences of trying to topple our country’s democracy.