Rudy Giuliani Is Raging Against ‘Fascist’ Fox News For Banning Him: ‘They Forget Their Friends Pretty Damn Fast!’

What a difference a couple of decades—and one Big Lie—make. In 2001, Time Magazine named then-New York City Mayor its Person of the Year and declared him “Mayor of the World.” Today, he’s persona non grata pretty much everywhere, including at Fox News, and he is not happy about it.

As Raw Story reports, Giuliani appeared on Real America’s Voice (whatever that is) on Monday to bitch about having to appear on Real America’s Voice, as Fox News essentially banned him from its airwaves back in June—though Rudy didn’t even realize it until September, the night before he was supposed to appear on Fox & Friends to observe the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. More than three months later, he’s still not over it, and went off on a rant in which he claimed that Fox News is only on the air in New York City because of him, which he chose to do “against tremendous criticism.”

“So they forget their friends pretty fast,” Giuliani added. “But the thing I resent most is they won’t tell me why. I’m not being told why I’m not allowed on. I’d like to know what it is that I said that they regard as not being true. We take the same position in regard to Dominion [Voting Systems], we’re in the same lawsuit… But it leaves me completely in a quandary to know why they’re playing the kind of fascist game I’m used to with CNN and… I don’t even consider them news sources any longer. They’re basically organs of the Democrat party.”

That Rudy would mention Dominion in his woe-is-me, I-don’t-know-what-I-did complaint against Fox News seems to indicate that he knows exactly why they don’t want him clogging up their airwaves: In March 2021, Dominion Voting Systems—the company behind the voting technology that many of us used to cast our votes in the 2020 presidential election—filed a $1.6 billion defamation suit against Fox News for its insistence on repeatedly claiming, without a shred of evidence, that the 2020 presidential election had been rigged, and blaming that partly on Dominion’s voting technologies.

While Fox initially attempted to push the narrative that by regularly giving airtime to unhinged conspiracy theorists like Giuliani and MyPillow Man Mike Lindell, they were simply trying to tell “both sides” of the election story, they quickly realized how weak that argument was. So they stopped putting Rudy and his fellow Big Lie pushers on the air at all, apparently in the hope of restoring some of their credibility. But in mid-December, a Delaware Superior Court judge denied Fox News’s motion to dismiss the case against them, which legal experts like CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin said could portend that this lawsuit is likely to be a “nightmare” for Fox News.

For his part, Giuliani is also being sued by Dominion for $1.3 billion for aiding and abetting his former BFF Donald Trump is pushing the idea that the election was rigged. While, outwardly, Rudy doesn’t appear to be paying the lawsuit much mind, he and his team are in crisis mode—in part because of Trump’s refusal to pay Giuliani for the legal services he rendered that got him into this mess in the first place. (The former president was also mad at Rudy for his own impeachment… because nothing is ever Donald Trump’s fault.)

You can watch Rudy’s full rant below.

(Via Raw Story)