Rudy Giuliani Had An Incredibly Awkward Run-In With Fellow Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen At A Ritzy New York City Restaurant

Rudy Giuliani has seen better days. He’s gone from America’s mayor to a magnet for inventive public embarrassment, having burned his reputation for a former president who won’t even bail him out of the many financial and legal woes that he acquired for him. Meanwhile, another former Trump lawyer is doing just fine. That person is Michael Cohen, who rehabilitated himself by serving time and repeatedly ratting out his old client.

Wouldn’t it be awkward if the two wound up in the same swanky New York City restaurant? Well, that’s what happened.

As per Page Six, Giuliani and Cohen both wound up at the buzzy midtown Tuscan joint Fresco by Scotto on Thursday night at the same time. A source claim the restaurant managers attempted to seat them on separate sides of the joint. Unfortunately VIPs nabbed those tables, forcing the two ex-Trump consiglieres to sit at neighboring tables.

There was reportedly “zero interaction between them.” Even when Cohen started moving around the room, shaking hands, they never acknowledged one another. “It was so icy between the pair,” a second source claimed, “it seemed like hell had finally frozen over.”

One patron could be heard saying, “I feel like I’m in the middle of a boxing ring, before the match is about to start. You can feel the tension in the air.” Another onlooked said that “Giuliani sat there stone-faced, at a table with friends, with what was left of his hair dye trickling down his brow.”

Cohen is known for dubbing Giuliani “Dopey Rudy.” He recently called him an “idiot” who “drinks too much.” Giuliani, meanwhile, has called Cohen “pathetic” and a “serial liar.”

Giuliani is reportedly in talks to blab to the House Select committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot. He also recently made a surprise appearance on The Masked Singer, to the horror of many.

(Via Page Six)