Twitter Users Made Much-Needed Improvements To Sean Hannity’s Hillary Clinton Conspiracy Board

Sean Hannity’s been having quite the week. At first he defended Alabama senatorial candidate Ray Moore for his alleged attempted sexual relations with underage girls. Then advertisers started pulling out, prompting an exceptionally self-owning form of protest and some interesting Keurig uprades. After more allegations came out, Hannity changed his mind about Moore, asking the candidate to come forward and explain himself.

That doesn’t mean, of course, that Hannity or parent network FOX News have forgotten that Hillary Clinton is the President apparently and needs to be reported on at all times. To that end, Hannity tried to graph Hillary Clinton conspiracies, and people had some fun with photoshop, reminding Hannity why you never go full Glenn Beck Blackboard.

And you never go full Charlie Day pinboard either.

Some folks on Twitter applied this conspiracy to other culprits like this fun guy / fungi:

Or this schlemiel. (Hey, THEY WERE ON A BREAK.)

Meanwhile, this guy took a break from making limited-time offers for a free ass kicking to casually blow this whole thing wide open. If this has connections to the guy with the question mark suit (Matthew Lesko) and Socks the White House cat, this conspiracy truly goes straight to the top. Et tu, Socks Clinton?

And this champ is getting to the bottom of “mustard at Five Guys” and the Red Wedding, as well as sussing out that “Obama” is connected to “Obama” [HUGE IF TRUE].

Other people had questions about the specifics of Hannity’s chart, like why Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton needed three degrees of separation…

Some people noticed ways this conspiracy graphic relates to their daily lives:

And some predicted an equally stunning and trenchant graphic for the next episode: